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Students study for their education and their future.  They prepare for the academic credits needed to graduate. They receive college prep assistance for higher education.  They Master core subjects, Reading, Math, Writing, Science, English, Social Studies and Citizenship in a classroom setting or the comfort of their home.  The students receive academic assistance one-on-one.  ESL program.  Study Bible principles to use in their every day life experiences.  Self-pace studies without peer pressure.  A Chapel on campus.  Etiquette, in-door games, debate and field trips.  Career Investigation, Job placement assistance and log term friendships.

"What are you waiting on.  Call Solid Rock Christian Academy today and you will be on your way to a better future".

"I did it. I got my diploma and you can too!"

"I studied at home.  I took the time that I needed to complete my education."

"Never thought I would get my diploma, Solid Rock made it possible and I am so grateful."

"Thank you Solid Rock for believing in us!!"

"Building a Solid Spiritual and Academic Foundation

"I am so blessed to have this opportunity.  I believed that God could make a way out of no way and He did for me.  The classes are so affordable and I was able to take them in the comfort of my own home!"